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Problems can occur in everyone’s life. There are certain problems that can be solved but some obstacles and issues in life requires the help of an advisor. We at Rashichakra gathers power and strength to make the world realise the importance of Astrology and aims to provide our clients with ace astrological guidance as per their needs.

It has a multi-disciplinary approach towards Astrology and with a keen interest in this concept she delivers accurate Astrological predictions and Consultations so that it's customers can move forward in life steadily.

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Frequently Asks Questions

Here is a typical list of faqs that are generally asked by people and satisafied by Rashichakra.

  1. Astrology lets you understand your strengthes & weaknesses
  2. It helps you to whom to trust & whom not to
  3. It guides you through right times to conduct right activities
  4. You can reach at ultimate goal of self-relization by Astrology
  5. It helps you to understand your mission in this life
  1. A horoscope is a chart representing the positions of Planets at person’s birth
  2. Your astrological birth chart is your horoscope
  3. It stops the cosmic clock
  4. It is a blueprint of your character and potentials
  5. This is also known as a birth chart or natal chart
  1. Ask them how long they’ve been doing this.
  2. Ask them what they can do for you
  3. Ask yourself: are they organized, professional, sincere
  4. Find out how broad the astrologer’s skill set is
  5. A truly good astrologist will usually focus on a more direct method

Panchangaa comparises of 5 elements: Thithi, Vaara, Yoga, Nakshatra and Karna. These 5 elements give an idea regarding th auspicious and inauspicious moments day by day and the type of activities to be done or not on each day.